San Fernando Valley Valet Parking Services

Sorrounded by mountains, San Femando Valley in LA provides the best small-town feeling right next to one of the
greatest metropolis in the world!

Welcome to San Fernando Valley Valet Parking Services

The San Fernando Valley is located 20 miles north of Downtown Los Angeles. Surrounded by the Hollywood Hills, Sylmar, and Santa Monica/Topanga Hills, the San Fernando Valley is a gem in the middle of a huge metropolis such as the greater Los Angeles. When you host your event in the San Fernando Valley, you must take into account all of the variables that can endanger the comfort of your guest. First, you must keep into account the time of the year your event takes place. If you decided to have your event during summer which statistically, is the most common time during the year for big events, you must take into account that the weather can easily roar above 100 degrees Fahrenheit. This weather will make for a very unpleasant time for your guest trying to find a parking and. Now, imagine ladies how uncomfortable that would be for a lady trying to walk for two blocks on high-hill shoes on 100+ degree weather?

San Fernando Valley Valet Parking services will help your entire guest by providing a team of highly trained and qualified parking attendants for your event. At the start of your event, your guest will be greeted with a nice sincere smile and warmth welcome. Next, we will provide instructions on how to arrive to the venue, and eventually, we will proceed to park their vehicles. This kind of first impression will leave a nice memory recorded in your entire guest’s memories. Don’t overlook one of the most convenient ways to keep your guest comfortable and worry-free during your event. Also, rests assure that upon the completion of your event, San Fernando Valet Parking services will take care of the traffic mess. Our highly trained team of parking attendants will transformed into traffic directors. This service will enable your entire guest to exit your event venue timely and safely providing a long lasting last impression of your event as a memorable time that was; entertaining and convenient.