Parking & parking Garage Management

A&A Parking Garage Management Services is one of the  premier parking management services in the Southern California area. We provide our services to the Greater Los Angeles, Mid-Wilshire, Santa Monica, and many other cities in the Southern California area.

About A&A Parking Garage Management Services

A&A Parking Management Services is an experienced parking services provider, offering parking solutions for industries of all types. We are committed to a boutique parking management service delivery model that provides clients with high-touch parking management customer service and value-added parking service amenities that others cannot match.  A&A Parking Management Services has created a parking management work environment dedicated to continuous improvement and integrity for all our employees.

When you select the right parking management company to fulfill your parking management needs keep in mind that A&A Parking Management Services will ensure your parking management is successful as we understand that parking management is an integral component of your business.  A&A Parking Management and Valet Parking Services, we are an expert parking management provider, providing parking system management with an array of parking services and parking service

Parking Garage Revenue Control

Revenue Control is one of the most vital parts of your business as a parking garage owner. A&A Parking Management Services provides revenue management. Our Parking management service will work closely with our clients to ensure that we maximize your parking revenue to the fullest . We continue monitor all of clients locations to ensure that we can provide you with daily reports of vehicular traffic, operational expenses, and cash flow generated by a facility.

Buildings/Retail Centers

We professionally manage parking facilities for Mixed-use buildings combine retail stores and restaurants, offices, private residences and sometimes even a hotel or resort. Well-run parking operation these properties can help shape their image and make them a desirable and preferreddestination.

Country Clubs

Our great experience operating these kind of membership clubs has taught us that members and patrons are part of the Club and They deserve the best level of service which is part of such luxury establishments. We have everything from custom uniforms and signage to concierge and doormen services. We will design a service program that is just right for your county club.

Parking Garage

Experience operating parking garages of any size, Give us the knowledge and expertise to help maximize revenues and minimize operational costs without sacrificing guest satisfaction.

Residential Buildings

We offer specialized services and staffing to condominiums and luxury residential communities. These services include valet parking, doormen, concierge and security.


Our personnel are professionally uniformed, well trained as well as friendly and outgoing. We represent your best interests, which means we provide outstanding experiences that turn visitors into loyal guests and loyal guests into long-time customer.


The most reliable professional parking management company in all Los Angeles Metropolitan area, Orange County, Ventura County, Riverside and San Bernardino. Our management team consists of highly skilled parking professionals with decades of parking experience that can  provide innovative parking solutions, creative automation through computerized parking equipment and software maximizing revenues, as well as executive parking management. Attendants standard duties and functions  include:

  • Greeting and welcoming customers with a smile
  • Opening  and closing vehicles Guests doors
  • Help with wheelchairs, child-seats, package, etc
  • Holding umbrellas during inclement weather
  • Controlling flow of traffic to avoid congestion
  • Keeping the areas clean and free of debris
  • Monitoring and watching front doors for security
  • Calling taxicabs as needed
  • Problem solving-jump starts, flat tires, etc.

A&A Parking Services posses the experience, knowledge and resources to ensure the most success of your special event whether its a small private party at home or a corporate event for a 1000 or more guests. Valet parking at special events, most of the time, is a necessity that:

  • Provides prestige to event.
  • Offers and provides assistance to guests.
  • Help organize and improve traffic flow.
  • Our services maximizes parking spaces.

From top to bottom, A&A Parking Management Services can tailor a first-class parking management program for your business.